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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Scenes from the Airport

Contrary to to how most people feel about airports, I actually love being in airports. I do not exactly like the flying bit but being in the airport gives me that holiday feeling. This is the place where I can finally forget momentarily my normal daily routine. Once at the airport, I can finally shed away the stresses of work and household chores before flying to our chosen destination.

I have done some travelling and for me, Singapore and Zurich airports are two of the cleanest airports that I have been to yet. Not to mention, high tech.

Singapore airport has been voted one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest airport in the world at one point.

Zurich aiport, I have to say could actually give Singapore airport a run for its money.

They even have a play area for kids. Such a thoughtful touch.

This is the bar. And yes, this is still at Zurich airport.

Zurich aiport, early morning.

We are not done with our travelling yet and who knows, I might be singing praises for a totally different airport in future posts. Let's wait and see.
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