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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Things That Make Me Happy {June}

1. A newly painted kitchen. 2. Finding the best churros in town. 3. Lovely fresh flowers from the front garden. 4. Fresh fruits 5. Baking cupcakes with the little girl. 6. My favourite coffee brewed in the comforts of home. 7. Wearing my lovely lacey dress.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Drink Healhty

With the completion of our new kitchen (which needs its own blog post), I am now very keen to cook healthy meals for the family. New kitchen, new lifestyle, healthy eating in that sense. But I think it is not only healthy eating I have to think about but healthy drinking as well. We tend to forget that fruit juices might be healthy in a way but they contain a lot of processed sugar as well. Bad for the health and bad for the teeth as well, especially for my four year old.

I have vowed to make fresh fruit juices for the family, I mean we basically just have water but we have the odd fruit juice during the week.

I got this gadget from Ikea and it is great.

Here's to healthy drinking.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Things That Make Me Happy {May}

1. A box of Laduree macarons  2. A walk along my favorite street in London, Bond St. (for window shopping)  3. Little luxuries from Victoria's Secret, Laduree and M&M's for the 4 year old  4. A vase of lovely pink flowers on my dining table  5. Lovely summer fruits  6. A new Little White Dress and pearls  
7. Afternoon tea at home with my favorite macarons