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Monday, 31 May 2010

goodbye,baby food

i used to slave in the kitchen. i chopped.steamed
pureedportioned and then freezed so i don't have to do it everyday. i wanted ava to have fresh food but i wasn't too obsessive about it. i gave her the odd jar of shop bought baby food every now and then and everytime we go out. good thing i had the best piece of baby equipment which is the beaba babycook which is a steamer and blender all in one. it was expensive but worth every penny.
now, she's eating what we are eating that i don't have to cook especially for her and it is such a welcome change.

Friday, 21 May 2010

project organize

for a 17 month old little girl,ava's got too much stuff. most of the stuff she's got are gifts and i think, that made us both lucky in the sense that she gets mostly everything she needs and that i don't need to buy them for her because people have been so generous. i need more space for her stuff though because everytime i open her closet, things just come falling down on me. so many clothes,toys,books and shoes. i've decided to make our third bedroom her playroom slash store,i started to sort through her things.
first stop is her closet.this is how it looked like.
and i found 26 pairs of shoes...

26,000 soft toys

2 big bags of unworn clothes that are still too big for her

and this is how our third bedroom looks like now...

we are still in the planning stage.i'll post pics once our project for our little girl is all this space.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

ava's christening preps

i thank the heavens for multiply. i was able to prepare baby ava's christening party despite the fact that i'm miles away from cebu. because of multiply's online sellers and suppliers, i was able to organize everything with just a click of the mouse. all we had to do when we arrived in cebu was to follow up and make sure everything is in place. here is a list of my party suppliers and my feedback  on their service. - this is where i ordered the 5 page scrapbook type invitations, the personalized alarm clock giveaways and the personalized candles. the items were delivered on time and they came in perfect condition. the only problem was with the invites. they printed the unedited layout. they know it was their mistake so they sent us another set of invitations, all 60 of them printed with the edited layout. lhoelit, one of the owners and the artist was very accommodating despite me not being there. we coordinated through email and i approved and  i edited including the alarm clock and candle layout all through email. i highly recommend this site. - this i can say has got 5 star customer service. cheryl, the very young owner, is so accomodating with regards to almost everything. i didn't have a hard time at all. she patiently answered all my queries through email before we came to cebu and when we finally met in her shop, i felt so comfortable with her and i was so confident, everything will turn out right. she even had an ocular inspection of the party venue to make sure that the size of the tarpaulin is not too big or too small. i got her services for the balloon decor. she also provided the cupcake tower and the services of a professional photographer. hers is a one stop shop. i'm so satisfied with the great customer service and affordable prices that i'd definitely get her services again in the future. for the chocolate fountain - what i didn't like here is that you have to pay the full payment before the day of the party. i mean, most food services would let you pay the full payment on the day itself. like the catering from maria lina's. we only have to pay a deposit and the rest we paid after the party. we did go to their shop the day before the party and still we were able to hire a chocolate fountain considering it was very last  minute. the presentation was very nice. there were two attendants who made sure there were enough dippings on the table. the chocolate didn't last very long though.