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Friday, 21 May 2010

project organize

for a 17 month old little girl,ava's got too much stuff. most of the stuff she's got are gifts and i think, that made us both lucky in the sense that she gets mostly everything she needs and that i don't need to buy them for her because people have been so generous. i need more space for her stuff though because everytime i open her closet, things just come falling down on me. so many clothes,toys,books and shoes. i've decided to make our third bedroom her playroom slash store,i started to sort through her things.
first stop is her closet.this is how it looked like.
and i found 26 pairs of shoes...

26,000 soft toys

2 big bags of unworn clothes that are still too big for her

and this is how our third bedroom looks like now...

we are still in the planning stage.i'll post pics once our project for our little girl is all this space.
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