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The Stage Mommy Diaries

My name is Raquel and I have been writing online since 2004 as an outlet because I love to write, having been an Editor-in-chief ( Features Editor and Associate Editor previous to that) of our school publication while I was in University. I also have the pride of having one of my articles published in a national newspaper back home in the Philippines. I used to write under the blog titled Welcome To My World. The moment I became a mommy, I changed it to Confessions of a Stage Mommy because I am very much a stage mommy to my baby girl. In 2010, I moved to Blogger as The Stage Mommy Diaries and in 2012, I decided to get my own domain and that was how was born.


PreviewI am based in Luton, approximately 30 miles from Central London. I enjoy being a wife to my husband of 12 years who is an IT consultant and love being a stage mommy to my wonderful five year old little girl.

I believe there is a stage mommy (or a stage daddy for you daddies our there) in each one of us. It does carry a negative connotation but being a stage mommy does not have to be a negative aspect of parenthood. It does not need to mean tiger mom or pushy mom. For me, being a stage mommy is someone who supports her child (or children) and pushes them to reach their dreams in way that is encouraging rather than overbearing. Someone who is always there to hold their hands, pick them up when they fall ( literally and figuratively) but is also the one who holds the most pride when they succeed, in all things big or small.

I also love my food and I love to travel with a serious case of wanderlust. So, aside from my mommy musings, there will be a regular dose of posts about food and travel.

This stage mommy also loves everything about fashion and cosmetics, so there will be regular doses of that, too!