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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

confessions of a shopaholic

finally, Shopaholic the movie (confessions of a shopaholic) is going to be released next month. it seemed like i had to wait forever for it to be shown.this is one of the three movies that i couldn't wait to watch being a fan of the book series. i was just so glad when i heard that it was going to be turned into a movie. the other two that i was so happy about was Sex and the City the movie and Mamma Mia the  movie. i must've seen the musical in london more than twice already.
i'm loving the fact that isla fisher plays rebecca bloomwood. i'm sure she'll give justice to the role. i think it fits her to a T. so come february, i'm gonna ask my husband to baby sit ava for me so i can watch this movie with my friends. one thing i don't like about the movie version is that the location is in new york when in the series, becky is based in london (author sophie kinsella is english). also, i'm not sure about the dress sense though. rebecca bloomwood was good at shopping designer clothes but didn't know she didn't have good fashion sense.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

had my date with the stork

i'm back in business after a very long time. shall we say, since i had my baby and that was almost 8 weeks ago. yes, i already gave birth to my baby girl last november 24 and i can say it was a wonderful experience. i wasn't traumatized as i thought i would. she arrived a week early and i couldn't be happier.she's the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. it was a good labor and delivery (it's all the prayers) and i was lucky to have a very good team from the midwives to the nurses up to the attending consultant. though i can never deny the fact that it really hurt (i didn't have the epidural until i was 6 cms. dilated) and was physically exhausting. i mean, they don't call it labor for nothing. but thanks to the epidural, it made things easier and pain free.
what i found difficult was the days and weeks after the birth. taking care of a very demanding newborn while you are sore all over is such a daunting task. plus the sleep deprivation was just too much. there were times when i would cry because of pure exhaustion especially when she's crying non stop and inconsolable and my husband was already back at work. so i had no one to rely on but only myself. those were the times that i wished i was in cebu where my parents and all the relatives are. you can always rely on a helping hand out there.
almost 8 weeks on, i already got the hang of it and things are a lot easier. Ava's got a routine already and she sort of sleeps through the night from 10pm-4am unlike before when i have to feed her every 2 hrs at night and every 3 hrs during the day. i am able to enjoy her now after the rough first 6 weeks. i used to tell myself that things could only get better and it truly has.