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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

it's not over until it's over

it's written in the books that once you reach your second trimester or at least 12th week, the symptoms would slowly disappear. i was glad that once i hit 12 weeks, my symptoms did disappear and i was really happy. gone were the sickness, the backaches, the acid like hunger pangs and the constant tiredness. but a few days ago, on a friday night at 10:30 i suddenly had a craving for pizza. i tried to ignore it for at least an hour but it just won't go, so i dragged my husband out of the house,drove me to the nearest Pizza Hut and had my super supreme fix. i thought to myself that it was just a one off but yesterday, i started feeling sick and queasy again and the terrible hunger pangs have come back and i was back to eating pancakes all the time again. oh well,i guess it's just one of those things that i have to put up with. but at least it's not happening all the time now. unlike before when it was everyday. sometimes i have one or two symptoms today and they'll be gone tomorrow and they won't come back again until probably several days after. it's not too bad now and i'm really starting to enjoy my pregnancy. yesterday, i went to see my midwife and she tried to listen to the heartbeat with a doppler. it took a while to locate it and suddenly i heard this whosshing sound. it was the most wonderful sound in the whole world!
i'm still not showing despite the fact that i'm four months now. people won't know i'm pregnant just by looking at me. i guess it's nice in a way. that means, i am not gaining so much weight but having said that, i am not yet half way. i might just balloon once i'm on my 6th or 7th month. but i hope not. i really hope to be a yummy mummy to be. on that note, i  have found some beautiful maternity dresses worn by jessica alba that i really looove.
images from Fit Pregnancy