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Monday, 13 July 2015

My New York Story (Part 3) With A Side Of Cronuts!

Grand Central Station

New York is a foodie haven. Michelin starred restaurants, multi- awarded cafe’s, world renowned pastries and food trucks, name it, you will find it there. On our last few days, we were basically just eating our way around New York.  After a brief visit to Grand Central Terminal, which, it has to be said is actually very grand for a train terminal.  Being there and looking at its grandeur makes me imagine a bygone era. Though that bygone era definitely would not have what the city has to offer now in terms of lovely food.

On a rainy Friday, we took the subway to the Upper West Side to buy some delicious cookies from Levain Bakery.  Every morsel was worth the train ride.  The melted chocolate that oozes when you break the cookie in two.  Definitely, heaven in a cookie. I was glad I hoarded as we were off on a road trip to Canada that afternoon, staying for a couple of days then driving back to America in to Virginia then Washington DC then back to NYC.

After our road trip to Virginia, Washington DC and Canada, we still had a couple days in New York before our flight back to London. We took the red eye train from Washington DC and arrived at midnight in NYC. We woke up late and missed the hotel’s buffet breakfast and we ended up having breakfast at a nearby Starbuck’s.

We spent a few hours roaming around the Flat Iron area and had a little peek at Eataly, an Italian market place owned by American chef Mario Batali. I have wanted to try their pasta dishes, being a pasta lover myself but the market like scene in Eataly did not appeal to me. It was crowded and dark. I promised myself I will brave the crowd next time as I have read only great reviews about the food.
From there, we dropped by Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret and did a bit of shopping.
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the American Natural History Museum which the six year old enjoyed so much. She loves this museum as she has been to its British counterpart in London twice already.

Lunch was at the Shake Shack which was just across the museum. The rest of the day was spent walking along typical Manhattan neighborhoods, past brownstone apartments then walked up to Columbus Circle to have a quick bite of some macarons at Bouchon bakery by Michelin star chef Thomas Keller. The macarons were from a Michelin starred chef alright but it cannot beat my favourite Pierre Herme macarons in taste.

It was a wonderful day just us three, exploring Manhattan and just going where our feet would lead us.

The long queue outside Dominique Ansel's bakery long before it opened.

On our last day, I decided to wake up at the crack of dawn, five in the morning to be exact and took an Uber ride to SOHO with a girl friend to queue for the world famous Cronut.  The cronut was delicious but it was not how I expected it to be nor was it extraordinary. That is why it did not make it to My Best Three In NYC.  I actually enjoyed Dominique Ansel’s DKA and madeleines more. Although I did enjoy taking a selfie with the Dominique Ansel  himself who humbly opened the bakery doors.

As if by sugar rush, we rushed literally to Magnolia Bakery, taking into consideration that it was our only chance before leaving that evening.  I was told the cupcakes there were not that worth the calories so I went for the Banana Pudding which was the best decision of the day. I wrote more about it here.

And of couse, for a Sex and The City fan like me, no visit to New York would be complete without dropping by the steps of the ultimate and quintessential New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw.

That sums about my trip to NYC, all three parts of it. I am sure we are not done with New York and we are definitely going back