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Thursday, 8 November 2007

autumn jog and walk

we had a great start of the day on saturday. we decided to go out for a walk (jog for me). it was officially autumn what with the changing colors of the environment. the leaves have all turned golden. it was a mild november day as well and we were able to jog and walk for at least 4 miles. but i think we defeated the purpose because halfway through, we dropped by at my favorite cafe and had their lovely mouthwatering chocolate and hazelnut pastry with a cup of capuccino and hot chocolate. it was a wondeful morning and i think (hoped) i've burned at least 200 calories. which is great!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

my glazed addiction

"whoever invented glazed is a genius" - miranda (sex and the city)
i had my krispy kreme (original glazed) fix last sunday after a very long time. krispy kreme is not allowed in my south beach diet obviously and i have been very good with my eating habits that i thought of treating myself. but i think i went overboard and had 2 doughnuts in one sitting and that's a total of 650 calories! but i wasn't worried .in fact, i bought two dozens of these wondeful doughnuts.
arriving home, i thought that these doughnuts won't go away unless i eat them or give them to friends (sonny is not a krispy kreme fan). so i did the latter and by doing that i hit two birds with one stone. i saved on calories and i made my friends happy.