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Monday, 22 April 2013

Flower Power

I have been a fan of Drew Barrymore since I was a child. I watched her movies, followed her personal life  and have read an autobiography or two. I knew that there was a cosmetic product that she has been developing but since it was not a collaboration with a big cosmetic company but rather with Walmart, I though it will not be available here in the UK. I got excited only when a friend who lives in America asked me to pick from Drew's cosmetic line website the ones I like and she will send them to me. I would normally read or see on Youtube a review of the product first before I get something. The only thing that jumped out at me in the product reviews that I saw was the lip butter.

When it arrived through the post, I tried it straight away and true enough, it looked as lovely on my lips as it did on the girl who did the review. It glides on my lips and it does not dry them  at all. I would not recommend it to substitute a proper lipstick though as the color fades in a couple of hours or so. I found, I needed to keep on reapplying it. But as the name implies, it is a lip butter and not a lipstick. It is best for lazy days or for a quick nip to the shops.

I forgot to mention, the packaging is lovely and it looks great next to my perfume bottles.

My friend also sent me a mascara but I have yet to try it.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

School Run(way)

For the last six months, school run outfits were limited to non exciting tees layered with cardigan, a winter coat plus a scarf, snow cap and snow boots. Not very yummy mummy.

Now that Spring weather is here or cardigan weather as I call it, I can again pick exciting outfits. Most would just pick a sweat shirt, jeans and trainers or rubber shoes but not me, I do not think I even own a sweat shirt. If I do, it is limited to be only worn at home. Making an effort on how you dress and look is not being vain. For me, it is giving importance to oneself and if I made an effort with my clothes and put on some makeup, I feel I can conquer the world. Ok, probably not the world but a lot of things LOL.

Here is the stage mommy's school run outfit for today.

A basic striped long sleeved tee paired with black skinnies and a pair of silver pumps. It was a bit chilly so I wrapped a beige scarf round my neck to complete the look.

The yellow mac gave the neutral tee and jeans a splash of color and walking down the street made me feel like I was walking down my very own catwalk,haha.

all images on this post taken from the web and not my own

Spring At Last

We have been waiting for Spring for the longest time.

 It seemed like Winter overstayed its welcome.

Today, the sun came out with a vengeance and albeit still a bit chilly, it really made this girl happy.