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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

School Run(way)

For the last six months, school run outfits were limited to non exciting tees layered with cardigan, a winter coat plus a scarf, snow cap and snow boots. Not very yummy mummy.

Now that Spring weather is here or cardigan weather as I call it, I can again pick exciting outfits. Most would just pick a sweat shirt, jeans and trainers or rubber shoes but not me, I do not think I even own a sweat shirt. If I do, it is limited to be only worn at home. Making an effort on how you dress and look is not being vain. For me, it is giving importance to oneself and if I made an effort with my clothes and put on some makeup, I feel I can conquer the world. Ok, probably not the world but a lot of things LOL.

Here is the stage mommy's school run outfit for today.

A basic striped long sleeved tee paired with black skinnies and a pair of silver pumps. It was a bit chilly so I wrapped a beige scarf round my neck to complete the look.

The yellow mac gave the neutral tee and jeans a splash of color and walking down the street made me feel like I was walking down my very own catwalk,haha.

all images on this post taken from the web and not my own

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