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Friday, 28 January 2011

Jimmy Choo Perfume

Jimmy Choo is synonymous with shoes. Since the day Tamara Mellon plucked him out of obscurity, he has become a household name as far as shoe lovers are concerned. The brand has branched out from shoes to handbags and now, perfumes.
Tamara Mellon, co-founder and former CEO of Jimmy Choo, doubles as the model. She use to date Christian Slater.
I am very curious what the scent is like.Hope it doesn't smell like feet. Joking aside, as i have mentioned in my earlier entry, i have been looking for a signature scent. This might be it though i haven't really tried it. We are going to Debenhams tomorrow and I have some vouchers to spend. Who knows i might come home with a bottle or two.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Here are my favorite outifts from the latest Golden Globes ceremony.
Diana Agron of Glee is stunning in this romantic gown by J. Mendel

I fell in love with this gown when i saw it on Jennifer.She got it very right this time in a Zuhair Murad gown.

Pregnancy really suits Natalie Portman in Viktor and Rolf.

If I had the chance to wear a designer gown, I would definitely chose a Marchesa. Their gowns are oh so dreamy, like a fairtytale.

I am not so sure about this gown on Catherine. The gown is lovely in it's own right but not on her. Not so sure about this ensemble on her but because it's by Filipino designer Monique Lhuillier who is also a fellow Cebuana, I would include this in my favorites.
I have always admired my favorite supermodel Heidi Klum's red carpet outfits but this time I don't think I would go for this on her. It is not red carpet worthy dress.It's more like what you would wear when you go to a friend's barbecue party.
Too dull i would say, Miss Jolie.

Looks like a Lanvin gown is not for Julliane Moore. It just doesn't fit her well.

I think this Burberry Pursom dress is too old for Leighton Meester.

This is a confusing ensemble. Not so foxy this time, Megan.

This would look better on someone who is in her 70's rather than someone in her 20's. Johansson's split from her husband surely affected her outfit choices.

Uhmmm, what were you thinking???!!!

This tablecloth doesn't look good on Michelle Williams either.
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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Back to Basics

"fashion fades, style is eternal" - yves saint laurent

I have been reading too many fashion blogs and most of them are about disposable fashion. What's IN and what's OUT type of things. It's nice to be IN but then I would still prefer classics. Something that will last. I suggest investing in the basics like jumpers and white shirts because they are wardrobe staples like cardigans (must be cashemere apparently), classic white shirts, denims, classic flats and that one great LBD. They need to be of good quality for them to be in you capsule wardrobe. I was rummaging through my pile of books and found these gems.
I would want some new books though and here's what's in my wish list in Amazon:
A book by Nina Garcia, former Editor-in-Chief at Elle and now Fashion Director at Marie Claire. I love her style.

                             Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars. She was the one behind Nicole Richie's chic boho look.

Coco Chanel. Need I say more?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Scent of a Woman

I have been looking for my signature scent since time immemorial. For a time i used Pleasures by Estee Lauder. It was sort of my signature scent during my engagement, through the wedding preps leading up to wedding itself. So every time i smell Pleasures on anybody, it evokes memories from that beautiful time in my life.

Now, I am still on the hunt. I have smelled countless scents already but nothing really catches my fancy except for two fragrances. One is Miss Dior and the other is Hermes. These two are very promising but i have yet to buy them. Benefactors are welcome.

I am currently using Ralph Lauren's Romance which is a very lovely scent as well.

Certified Posh?Not!

Today, this came through the post.
and i thought, are they giving me more compensation (they are giving me free delivery as compensation) after the disappointment with my online order?I wish!

MY TOP 3: lip balms

I like my lips smooth so I always have a lip balm in my purse, in my pocket and all over the house, in the drawers downstairs and upstairs. Cracked and flaky lips are so unsexy, not to mention uncomfortable. I have tried a lot but only a few are effective in moisturising my lips. Here are my top 3. Nivea is supposed to be good but it just doesn't work for me. So,it didn't land on my list.

1. Burt's Bees. The best for me, so far. Waxy but not very soft that it melts in the tube. It keeps my lips soft longer than any other balms that I have tried. It's a bit dear for something in a small tube though. One costs almost £4  but it takes months before it runs out so still a good buy especially when it works.
2. I love my Chapstick. If judging by the price, i wouldn't have dreamed of trying this one out because it's so cheap at just 99p a tube. Who would think it works? I was standing in the queue in my local COOP when i spotted it in the till. I was on my last tube of Burt's Bees so i got one. I mean, at 99p, what have i got to lose? Turns out, it's one of the best. I like the strawberry flavored ones best.
3. Lypsyl. They were hanging all over the place when I went to Tesco last night. What attracted me is the strawberry flavor. It works just like Chapstick but the strawberry flavor is overpowering. It also gave me a stinging sensation which i thought was weird but thought maybe it will give me an Angelina-like pout that's why the stinging. It didn't though. I would buy this again.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

starbucks vs costa

just when i was getting cozy with my Costa latte, here comes Starbucks sending some free stuff through my door. it's very thoughtful actually. a booklet of coupons with 50p off my favorite starbucks drink for every single day of january. how is that for customer service?

it even came in a shiny, plastic card holder which i can use for calling cards or credit cards once the booklet is all used.

they have been sending me freebies eversince i got myself a Starbucks card in 2007. before, they have sent me sachets of coffee (see related entries) and coupons for free lattes.(see related entries) but i haven't actually used any of the coupons in the booklet yet because i am still enjoying my rendezvous with my current favorite creme brulee latte at Costa. i think Starbucks will have to do better than that because Costa is really giving them a run for their money. but having said that, i could actually use one of the coupons. i haven't had my Stabucks favorite mocha frap for the longest time.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


the holidays has kept me busy not to mention some little glitches at work thus the lack of posts lately. now that the holidays are behind us and i am now starting to move on(more on that in my future entries), i will try my best to regularly update this blog of mine, which i haven't done in the last 19 days to be exact. 

i have a lot of updating to do. the thing is, where do i start? i guess i will have to start with the recent holidays, what else? we had a wonderful christmas. ava is more aware of it now but not fully aware. she knows about santa but doesn't really get excited with a mere mention of him. at least, not yet. she likes the opening of gifts though and really love all of them, most especially the toys. speaking of gifts, i got my most wanted from my personal santa (hubby). i always wanted a matching necklace for my swarovski earrings that he got me from last christmas. a year after, i got the necklace. not bad. sometimes, it feels very rewarding when we wait for something and not just have it fall into our laps.

on the buying front, we did go to the sales on boxing day but didn't really get to buy anything. i thought i have been good but then, what i did online was a different thing. i bought something from i ticked and paid for the goods but alas, 2 days after i received an email from them telling me that my orders are out of stock and i thought, isn't it supposedly reserved already once you have paid it online. they did send some apologies and offered a free delivery if ever i decide to get something else on the website. also, on new year's day i thought, we will stay home and not spend at all since apparently it's a good way to ring in the new year. i thought i've been good and realized i spent on my newfound website, on new year's day itself. but never mind. that would be my christmas gift to myself because i haven't really  bought anything for christmas.
now, i'm just waiting for my order to arrive. how about  you?what have you done lately?