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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Back to Basics

"fashion fades, style is eternal" - yves saint laurent

I have been reading too many fashion blogs and most of them are about disposable fashion. What's IN and what's OUT type of things. It's nice to be IN but then I would still prefer classics. Something that will last. I suggest investing in the basics like jumpers and white shirts because they are wardrobe staples like cardigans (must be cashemere apparently), classic white shirts, denims, classic flats and that one great LBD. They need to be of good quality for them to be in you capsule wardrobe. I was rummaging through my pile of books and found these gems.
I would want some new books though and here's what's in my wish list in Amazon:
A book by Nina Garcia, former Editor-in-Chief at Elle and now Fashion Director at Marie Claire. I love her style.

                             Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars. She was the one behind Nicole Richie's chic boho look.

Coco Chanel. Need I say more?

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