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Thursday, 6 January 2011

starbucks vs costa

just when i was getting cozy with my Costa latte, here comes Starbucks sending some free stuff through my door. it's very thoughtful actually. a booklet of coupons with 50p off my favorite starbucks drink for every single day of january. how is that for customer service?

it even came in a shiny, plastic card holder which i can use for calling cards or credit cards once the booklet is all used.

they have been sending me freebies eversince i got myself a Starbucks card in 2007. before, they have sent me sachets of coffee (see related entries) and coupons for free lattes.(see related entries) but i haven't actually used any of the coupons in the booklet yet because i am still enjoying my rendezvous with my current favorite creme brulee latte at Costa. i think Starbucks will have to do better than that because Costa is really giving them a run for their money. but having said that, i could actually use one of the coupons. i haven't had my Stabucks favorite mocha frap for the longest time.

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