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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Instant Starbucks

who wants starbucks coffee in the comforts of their own home? that person would be me. so i got really excited when starbucks people sent me this freebie consisting of 3 sachets of their new VIA ready brew. that means i won't have to go to the nearest starbucks which is about 30 minutes drive.all i have to do is add water. tried it the next morning and the smell in the kitchen is like i had coffee brewing. the taste was good but not the same as the one you get from the in house barista. i have read somewhere though that they are coming up with flavored ones like vanilla,mocha and caramel. maybe these ones are better. i am a sucker for flavored coffee. i love nescafe's flavored coffee and my all time favorite is Costa's hazelnut latte. but that would be another story.
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