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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

beauty buy

since i ran out of my day moisturizer, i have been wanting to buy and try clarins. the thing is you can't always buy this product anywhere. it's normally just available in debenhams. so on the weekend that we visited mk shopping center, i made sure i buy one. i was lucky because they have a promo on that day. with one skincare product, you get for free, a mascara, beauty balm and facial exfoliator. i have used the moisturizer for a week now and haven't seen any dramatic changes to my skin. i spent a fortune on this product and it works just as good as my cheaper alternative Olay day moisturizer which even comes with spf 15.  if by the time i finished the pot and i don't see any major changes then i'll go back to my ever trusted Olay moisturizer.

lesson learned. just because something is expensive does not mean it is good. though i swear on my Chanel foundation.
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