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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

MY TOP 3: lip balms

I like my lips smooth so I always have a lip balm in my purse, in my pocket and all over the house, in the drawers downstairs and upstairs. Cracked and flaky lips are so unsexy, not to mention uncomfortable. I have tried a lot but only a few are effective in moisturising my lips. Here are my top 3. Nivea is supposed to be good but it just doesn't work for me. So,it didn't land on my list.

1. Burt's Bees. The best for me, so far. Waxy but not very soft that it melts in the tube. It keeps my lips soft longer than any other balms that I have tried. It's a bit dear for something in a small tube though. One costs almost £4  but it takes months before it runs out so still a good buy especially when it works.
2. I love my Chapstick. If judging by the price, i wouldn't have dreamed of trying this one out because it's so cheap at just 99p a tube. Who would think it works? I was standing in the queue in my local COOP when i spotted it in the till. I was on my last tube of Burt's Bees so i got one. I mean, at 99p, what have i got to lose? Turns out, it's one of the best. I like the strawberry flavored ones best.
3. Lypsyl. They were hanging all over the place when I went to Tesco last night. What attracted me is the strawberry flavor. It works just like Chapstick but the strawberry flavor is overpowering. It also gave me a stinging sensation which i thought was weird but thought maybe it will give me an Angelina-like pout that's why the stinging. It didn't though. I would buy this again.

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