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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Of Hotels, Room Service And Buffet Breakfasts

There is something really relaxing about staying in hotels. Whether it is during a staycation or while on holiday  abroad, a lovely hotel is an added bonus to an already exciting moment.

They say it does not matter where you are staying when visiting a place as you are out all day anyway. But I beg to differ. For me, I do not want to be out all day exhausted and go back to a hotel that you are not comfortable with. I want to be able to look forward of going back to the hotel to relax at the end of a long day. 

I am not saying it has to be five star though that would not hurt. It does not really matter whether it is a five star or a two star hotel, as long as it is clean with good food. For me, that is all that matters.

This is the Holiday Inn in Leeds. It was our first time to stay in a Holiday Inn and it was very clean. And the buffet breakfast? I looked forward to it every moning.

A visit to Portugal in June had us staying at the five star Corinthia Hotel

And the food was superb. We always opted having room service rather than eating outside because the food  was really lovely. Plus the fact that having room service is so much cheaper than eating out. Relaxing too, as you have your food in the comforts of your bed.

Another memorable hotel stay was at the Crimson Hotel and Spa in Cebu (Philippines). It was really an enjoyable stay. With all the amenities you would expect of a five star resort and more. They even have a creche for parents with young children. 

The place was so relaxing, the ambience was great with really nice and friendly staff. And of course, the stage mommy's favorite meal of the day was always satisfied by the great breakfast spread every morning.

Now, if only I could go back there in a heartbeat.
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