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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Make Mine Babyccino

The hubby and I loves going to cafes and I always find it disappointing when there is not much to choose from for the little girl. We always end up ordering fruit shoot and a biscuit for her. Lately though, cafes have started offering this concoction geared specifically for the little mouths a.k.a kids. Though it is just frothed milk sprinkled with chocolate powder and a marshmallow on the side or a hot chocolate with cream and flake (you get to choose), the name is nothing short of ordinary. It is called (drum roll, please) a babyccino. 

If you're a kid, this makes tagging along with mommy and daddy to the cafe more exciting. You actually have something especially for you in the menu. 

The little girl  actually loves it and every time I take her to a cafe (Starbucks or Costa, most times) she would quickly ask, "can I have a babyccino, mommy?"

I read somewhere that it actually started here in the UK and the US is now following suit.

And we always thought they have allowed her to drink coffee like how they have allowed her to wear heels and lipstick.

image from Flynet
Babyccino is available in big named cafes like Starbucks and Costa though small, independent ones have apparently started having them in their menus.

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