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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Being OC

I do not remember when my ‘I don’t mind’ attitude ended and my obsessive compulsiveness began when it comes to cleanliness. I should think it dates back when I was still a small child and I remember touching the spaces under the table in restaurants and my mom telling me not to do it because we do not know what is hiding underneath, it could be very dirty. I also remember her telling me not to touch stair handles as a lot of people touch it every single day.

I am not the extreme OC type though I really have high standards when it comes to cleanliness. If a public toilet does not meet my standards, I would not mind holding on to the call of nature than use it. And whenever I have just used one, once I have washed my hands, I try not to touch the faucet handles or door knobs. I guess it would be handy if public toilets use antimicrobial handles like what they mostly use now in the medical field. If that happens, I will be a happy mommy.

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