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Sunday, 30 December 2012

AniSnap Watches

We were lucky to be one of the recipients of the new range of watch for kids that is now in the market. My four year old daughter has asked for a watch in her Christmas list. I already got her one for her Christmas stocking but another watch will not hurt, I mean, one can never have too many watches, as they say.

This came in the post a few days before Christmas and I have to say I was really impressed as it looks very nice. If I was a child, I would be jumping with glee if I get this as a present. 

The tough silicone material encases the watch itself and is also what the strap is made of. I am very confident that it will not break nor tear as I was just stuffing it in my bag whenever my four year old needs to wash her hands while we are out and about. 

The surprise was the snap strap which I did not know until I opened it. The name of the watch should have given it away ( silly me!). So yes it really was a pleasant surprise and my four  year old loves it as she is able to put it on her arm and take it off by herself  without the help of an adult. Just one snap and it curls round her arm.

Once it is round her arm, it can be adjusted further to fit though still a bit lose for her tiny arm, so she just wears it over her sleeves which makes it a perfect fit.

Santa did put a Peppa Pig watch in her stocking but once I gave her the AniSnap, every time I ask her which watch she wants to wear for the day, she always choose the AniSnap. She loves it.

The only downside is that the material seems to attract lint easily but not a major issue as the material itself is wipe clean.

I would love the AniSnap watch if I were a child. As a mom, I highly recommend it as your child's first watch. The funky designs will help encourage them to learn to tell the time and the glow in the dark hands make it  more fun.

It also comes in a monkey and elephant design, perfect for your little ones.

AniSnap watches are available from independent retailers and online at 

 I received the above item in exchange for a product review.
This product review is completely my own and was in no way influenced by any outside party.

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