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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Ramen Craving

I am a lover of carbs. I love noodles, pizza and pasta. The other day I was craving for some Ramen. This was after we watched Disney on Ice. It was nice and warm inside the arena but once we were outside, it was drizzling and was so windy which made the mild temperature colder. My tummy wanted some comfort food, something warm that I craved for some ramen.

We are not fans of Wagamama as the first time we went there, we did not really like what we had and the fact that you sit in one long table with strangers did not sit well with us (no pun intended). I guess we just needed help and time in ordering as we felt that we were being hurried up by staff as there was a long queue outside which is usual for them. After that, we have never been back.

A few weeks back, I had the chance of checking out their menu on their website and I knew I wanted to try the Gyoza and the Katsu. Of course, the ramen, too. Since there is a Wagamama in Brent Cross, the shopping mall near Wembley arena where we watched Disney On Ice, I suggested to the husband that we try it again.

There was a queue when we got there but it was quick as we did not wait for more than 15 minutes. Once we were ushered to our table, someone came to get out orders straight away and we got them very quickly. You still sit on a long table with other people but there was more room and a good space between you and the next party so I guess they have improved their seating this time as before it felt so cramped I felt like i was rubbing elbows with strangers, literally.

The food that we ordered was lovely this time though my ramen could do with a lot more taste to it. The ebi katsu was so tasty, crunchy in the outside with soft and tender prawn inside, very well spiced, too. We also had the chicken and vegetable gyoza and it was divine. Perfect amount of chicken and veggies wrapped in beautifully cooked wrap.

We still felt hurried as the long line of people outside was never ending but we now knew this time to take out time as we are paying customers and people will just have to wait like we waited for our turn earlier. 
The service is better and so is the food. We will definitely go back after this visit.

Brent Cross Shopping Centre
Hendon, London

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