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Saturday, 26 January 2013

What's App

Me, my iPhone and iPad are inseparable. They are my favorite gadgets in the world not only because they bring me my favorite TV series and books right at my fingertips but also because they really make life so much easier for me. From my banking needs to my grocery shopping and even on what to wear. Having said that, here are my favorite iPhone/iPad apps.


It helps me keep track of the clothes and accessories I have as sometimes, they are left at the back of the closet or with shoes, in boxes that I tend to forget I have them. With this app, I take a photo of all the clothes and accessories I have and then I upload it to this app under certain categories.


And I can even prepare my outfits way ahead  for certain days on the Looks section.

Another good thing about this app is that they have really good support team on Twitter. They reply and answer your queries straight away.

For my banking needs, the Natwest app is brilliant. I have been banking online for a long time now and I used to find using the laptop a task. It takes time from turning the laptop on to logging on to the website. But with the app, I can just quickly grab my phone or iPad and with just a touch of a finger, I am already paying bills, transferring funds or just checking my account balance. This app is perfect. So far, there has been no hitches at all.

I cannot talk about apps and not mention Tesco groceries app. I have been using Tesco deliveries for years and I used to shop online using their website but with this app, I can even do my grocery shopping while on the bus going to work. As a busy working mom, online shopping has made my life easy and it saves me two to three hours in the weekend which would have been spent grocery shopping. With these 3 hours, I can either do other household chores or just spend quality time with the little girl. This wonderful app has made it even better.

The age of technology has not only made it fun but it has definitely made life easier for busy moms like me.


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