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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Third Birthday Party (for three)

I have written about celebrations intended for our little girl, I wrote about her Christening, first birthday party and second birthday party in my previous posts.

On her third birthday though we decided not to have a party per se but to just take her out for the day. It was refreshing change as there was no stress involved as normally with parties there is the stress of how many guests to have, the venue, the food and during the party itself, you have to make sure the guests are comfortable and well cared for. This makes it so easy to forget the real reason of having the party - the birthday celebrant. You cannot relax nor enjoy the party itself and then you just look back at the photos.

We took her to London. We had lunch at The Rainforest Cafe which is brilliant for kids. 

We then took her M&M's World where she got some sweeties.

Then lastly, a trip to HAMLEY'S toy store in Regents street where she had the most fun looking at every toy imaginable. She rode a £1,000 price rocking horse (ridiculoulsy priced), played the piano and trombone
and we bought her the toy of her choice which was, what else, a Barbie.


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