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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


On our tenth wedding anniversary, we did a little pilgrimage to Fatima in Portugal. We feel as a couple, that it is the best celebration we could ever do having been blessed with a baby after the image of Our Lady of Fatima visited our house back in the UK. 

It was a wonderful and solemn experience which I would love to do all over again in the future.

This very tree is where the three little shepherds would wait for our Lady's apparition during that time. Beside it is a chapel which holds Our Lady of Fatima's image. 

We did hear mass in the cathedral which was said in Portuguese. We do not understand a word of Portuguese but sort of understood in a way as it is the same mass we as Catholics attend every Sunday in our own churches all over the world.

And we lit some candles, too.

A pilgrimage to Fatima where we heard mass in their cathedral on our 10th wedding anniversary is for me, the most fitting way to celebrate it. We capped it off with room service back in our hotel room.

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