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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summer's Ballet Pumps

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Dubbed by Look magazine as summer's ballet pumps, espadrilles are making a comeback lately. I don't remember when exactly in the past it was a fad. Correct me if I'm wrong but probably in the 80's. The resurgence has got celebs and non-celebs wearing this wonderful foot glove.

Agyness Deyn.image from the web

Isabel Lucas.image from the web

Katie Holmes.image from the web
Kate Bosworth.Image from the web.

I particularly like this one from Tom's.
image from thisnext
But I got a similar looking one sent by my Auntie from Cebu. I got to test drive it on Saturday and it was like heaven on my feet. So light and comfy. I guess I'm going to get more of these.

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