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Friday, 8 July 2011

Busy Weekend

The last two weekends have been really busy. Two birthday parties back to back last week and a barbecue party the week before. Good thing I have 3 day weekends now since I don't work on Fridays anymore. But still, a 3 day weekend is not enough to get some rest especially if it's packed with invites.
At Tita Anita's BBQ party.

At Harry's birthday party.
Managed to drop by the Downs on our way home from one of the parties and had some ice cream from the ice cream van.

 It's the weekend again and we have a long day tomorrow hopefully leaving the house at 8am to go to Alton Towers for a day of swimming. Hopefully the weather will cooperate thought it won't matter much as the Waterpark is located indoors.

How about you guys? How are you spending your weekend?

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