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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The last 7 Days

I have never been so busy while on holiday from work. Before I became a mommy, my idea of a holiday is waking up late, lounging in my pajamas until the afternoon and watching daytime TV or just be online all day long. 

To say that having kids changes your life is an understatement. I am not complaining though. She is the best thing that ever happened to us and every thing that we do for her brings us joy.

Here are random photos of the last 7 days.

We had picnics. One was during lunch in a field just across our house and the one was on a top of the hill overlooking the city.

We went to the mall several times and each time, we had our  favorites, smoothies and sugar cinnamon pretzels.

In one mall, they have this new play area called Go Wild which is similar to Snakes and Ladders but so much better, clean and airy. She enjoyed it so much and made friends.

I enjoyed it as well as they have a special area for parents to wait. I just wish that they will provide WiFi in the future.

We went to the playground several times as well.

I was just glad that I did not have to take her to Nursery as she is on school holiday also. When the next school year starts in September, we will be a lot busier what with hubby and me back to work, the little girl back to school. All the school activities and extra curricular activities like her Ballet classes as she wants to continue going and other after school activities she might want to pursue and me being a stage mommy, I am going to support whatever she wants to do. With all these in mind, I got myself something handy aside from my iPhone. A fridge calendar, so I will see every morning during breakfast what is on for the day.

What about you stage mommies out there? What's been keeping you and your little ones busy?

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