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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Make Mine Skinny

For any weight conscious, calorie counting individual, having the nutritional info of food and drinks in most food establishments now is really handy. I love the fact that you can plan even the day before what to eat or drink to still be within your allowed caloric intake despite being eating out as most have these information on their websites as well.

My favorite is Costa's website. It does not only have a list of the nutritional information, it also has a nutrition calculator which  lets you tailor make your drink be it a hot or cold one, whether you want skimmed milk or whole or if you want a shot of vanilla syrup, hazelnut or what have you. Once you have chosen all the extras on your drink, it will tell you how much calories are on it.

I just wish that they will have this in store where you can just go to a computer in a corner and calculate the calories of what you want to have before ordering in the counter.

The night before I met my friend for coffee in Costa, I was able to plan my order with the calorie count as I am currently trying to lose a little weight. I was able to eat out without worrying about overloading my caloric intake.

I mean, if you are faced with all these delicious treats with a long queue behind you, it is so difficult to decide.

But by being able to plan the night before through their website, I was able to choose a fairly healthy option, a  latte with skimmed milk and a shot of hazelnut syrup with tuna melt panini.

Good job!

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