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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sights and Sounds (and taste) of London Olympics 2012

Just being in and around London was enough to give you the Olympic feel. We did not see any games ( we were to choosy and by the time we have decided, the tickets were gone on the screen) but we did go in to the Olympic park. Our tickets came through the post a week before the date which got us very excited. There was so much to see at the Olympic park which deserves a post of its own, when I get the chance.

There were Javelin trains dedicated to Olympic game ticket holders which only takes 7 minutes from St. Pancras to the Olympic Park in Stratford.

Each train passenger was given an ice lolly as part of the celebration of the sporting event. For a freebie, the ice lollies were delicious, complete with ice cream in the middle of it.

Once in central London, the atmosphere is wonderful and inexplicable that I felt so lucky to be there. 

And while we were walking along the Tower Bridge, it opened up to accommodate a much larger ship.

Once in the Olympic park, you can hear the screams and cheers coming from the Stadium. 

This vibrant city deserves all the accolades in the last few weeks from the opening ceremonies to the event itself and of course, to the wonderful closing ceremony which showcased brillliant British music.

And for you to feel the vibe as well, I leave you with this video.

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