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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shake Shack

"I dreamed of this a thousand times before..."

That line from a song is the best thing that would best describe my anticipation of the day. The day when I finally get to try the famous burger from New York, Shake Shack.

I am on Instagram and I see a lot of posts about Shake Shack. Anyone and everyone who goes to New York, more often than not, would post pictures of this burger chain in NY. This got my curiosity going. I love my food you see and it does not take a lot to get my interest in something that looks and sounds yummy. I mean, come on, is my photo of this amazing burger not enough to get you running to the nearest Shake Shack? Unfortunately though, Shake Shack is not global yet and they only just opened their first and only branch in the UK located in Covent Garden.

I heard there is normally a long queue but good that on the day that we went, there were not a lot of people and the queue was not very long. After ordering, they give you this buzzer which will tell you when to collect your food from the counter.


When we finally got our orders and got to sink our teeth into the burgers, there was silence. I have never tasted burgers as juicy and delicious in my entire life. You could tell that everything is fresh.

The bun is so soft, like biting into a bunch of clouds. The meat is tender and juicy, just pure beef I suppose, sans the flour. Perfectly cooked, not charred. This is the best burger I have ever had.

Need I say more?

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