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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making Memories

The husband and I have always enjoyed travelling. Now that we have a tiny person in our lives in the form of our little girl, our travels are made more special. I love the idea that as we travel, apart from immersing her in different cultures and history, we are also making memories of which she will forever treasure.

My favourite among our travels was our trip to Portugal when she was three years old. It was memorable because it was not only her first time to travel to another European country but because it was also a spiritual trip for us. The main purpose was to visit Fatima but since we are already in Portugal, we decided to tour and go around Lisbon as well.

The moment we landed, our itchy feet could not wait to explore the city.

We fell in love with Lisbon’s rustic charm.

Its has beautiful architecture that is full of history.

There was greenery and pretty parks for our little girl.

And if you feel like going to the seaside, it is right under your nose.

Not to forget the delicious culinary experience we had. 

My first time to eat Octopus. It was delicious.

And the weather was always sunny and warm.

We would definitely go back but not after we have toured the other parts of the world. 

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