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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Watching Murray

I am not a lover of sports and Tennis is the only sport that I can say I can sit through, watch and enjoy so it is no surprise that one of my dreams is to watch a grand slam and the one nearest to me is the grand slam of all grand slam, Wimbledon. Unfortunately though, it is so difficult to get tickets. There are two ways, one is to queque from the night before to get tickets for the next day and second is to join a public ballot where you apply by 31st of December from the year before and succesful applicants are randomly chosen by a computerized selection process. Both are very taxing, the former physically exhausting and the latter, mentally. So I have not done either of the two despite the fact that we are only an hours drive from Wimbledon.

Imagine my surprise when the husband told me he got us tickets for the ATP World Tour Tennis Finals featuring the top eight in the Male category which would include Nadal, Jokovich, Murray and Federer.
The thing was you cannot choose which one you are going to watch as you can just purchase tickets randomly online which was a lot easier to get hold of compared to Wimbledon. 

The night before, the husband checked online and we learned that Andy Murray is playing on our alloted time. I was thrilled as he just won Gold in the recently concluded London Olympics and also won the US Open. Also, I was really impressed with  how he played against Federer in Wimbledon last June.

After the Olympics, this was another thing ticked off my bucket list - to watch a professional Tennis match.

The husband got us the nearest seats he could find. This is perfect view.

Andy getting himself ready.

It was a great game and we really enjoyed it even the little girl who said she is now a fan of Andy.

He played agains Berdych, by the way.

All photos taken with an iPhone 4s.

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