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Monday, 10 November 2014

Lunch At Gordon Ramsay's Maze

A while ago in early May of this year,  I had the pleasure of spending time with my friends over lunch at Gordon Ramsay's One Michelin star restaurant, Maze. Located in the posh area of Mayfair in London, the restaurant is being overseen by recently promoted head chef Alex Thiebaut. You cannot really expect less when it comes to Gordon Ramsay, who currently holds 14 Michelin stars in total. So we ventured into the threshold of Maze, preparing to be aMazed.

We waited at the bar for the rest of the group to arrive. My friend recommended that I try Peach Bellini. For someone who is not a lover of anything alcoholic, I was blown away by this one. I love that the Prosecco was not too strong for me. The sweetness of the peach makes up for the alcohol so I was fine. Later on I learned that Prosecco is actually low in alcohol at only 11 percent. 

There was unlimited bread basket being served while we were waiting for our orders to arrive. To say that the food was amazing would be an understatement.

 There were two that really stood out for me. Steamed Sea bream, enoki mushroom, dashi. This boneless fillet of fish was cooked to perfection. It was well infused with spices that worked well with the bed of mushrooms that accentuates its flavour.

Lamb belly with cauliflower and spice lentils. This was one of the best, if not the best on this meal. For someone who is not fond of lamb, this made me into a convert. The well seasoned meat was very tender and full of flavour. It was also very well presented and well garnished, the kind that teases and excites your palate way before the food lands in your mouth.

It was a four course meal. They were all delicious although I was on the fence with the duck and foie gras terrine (above). It was the  kind of taste that you would either love or hate. With me, it was the latter.

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