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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Fifth Birthday Celebration: An Afternoon Tea For Four

As November draws nearer, it is time to plan the upcoming birthday celebration of the five year old. With this in mind, I realized that I have not done a blog post about her fifth birthday celebration from last year. So in a way, this is a very long overdue post.

A few months before her fifth birthday, she showed me this mood board saying it is what she wants for her birthday party. The stage mommy in  me interpreted it as an afternoon tea, which is perfect as I love afternoon tea. In fact, it was exactly the same plan I had for my big birthday which was a week before hers. A separate post on that will be up soon.

We only invited her closest friends as tea parties are meant to be cosy and intimate. They enjoyed taking turns in pouring their "tea" which was actually hot chocolate.

A cake buffet was set up to go with the afternoon tea theme.

There were games and colouring contests but the star of the show, aside from the birthday girl of course, is this beautiful ruffle rainbow cake that my friend's daughter made for her. Since the birthday girl loves everything that is My Little Pony, this perfectly fits the bill and our taste buds as well.

It was a simple but fun birthday celebration which was enjoyed by everyone but most especially by the birthday girl herself.

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