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Monday, 8 August 2011

Not Just Another Macaroon

This is a late post as the macaroons that I will be talking about are far gone and in our tummy. I mean, macaroons as lovely as Pierre Herme can't remain in its box for long. We dropped by its concession in Selfridges' food hall one Thursday morning.

image from the web
I got a box with different flavors. 

The packaging is really nice.

Your teeth sinks into the crunchiness of the shell and into the moistness of the middle part and then the wonderful flavor hits you. It also preserves very well because a week after, I was delighted to find one last macaroon in the box and it tasted like the day I bought it. Still very crunchy and fresh. I am tempted to say Pierre Herme is lovelier than Laduree but no, I still prefer the taste of Laduree macaroons. Pierre Herme has a shop in Lowndes street but I have no idea if it is a cafe. The one in Selfridfes is just a concession.

What are you waiting for?

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