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Monday, 22 August 2011

If Only

I have a thing with public toilets. I can be OC when it comes to how clean it is. If I don't find it up to my standards, I would rather hold the call of nature than use it.

For me, the two cleanest toilets have to be Harrod's (need I say more?) and John Lewis. Both big deparment stores here in England. I am always happy to use them. With Harrods, you even have a choice of designer hand creams and perfumes free to use.

Last Sunday, we visited for the first time Westfield shopping mall and I have to say, I was very impressed with the toilets. Right outside the toilets are lounging areas with comfortable sofas which can be easily compared to a hotel lobby.

The toilet lounge which is identical to a hotel's lobby lounge.

Entrance to the men's toilet (left) and women's toilet(right).

Inside looks like a five star hotel's toilet.
If only all public toilets are like this, I would not have to hold my urine when I am out ever again.


Westfield London  

Ariel Way
London W12 7GF

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