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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

where did time go?

today i received these freebies from HIPP organic. the loot consists of weaning products and i realized that soon ava will be eating semi solids. gosh, where did time go? time flies so fast and now i have to think and surf the net for recipes for her first food. i don't really want to rely on these ready made baby food. i mean, maybe the one or two every now and then. i want to make food for her from scratch and hopefully be able to give her mostly organic. they say the best thing  you can give to your child aside from education is to give her the best start in life which is giving her healthy food and i hope to do just that.
but first i want to get my hands on this, the beaba babycook. apparently it does everything when it comes to making baby food. it steams, blends, defrosts and reheats. it makes baby food making child's play according to one review. the only downside is the price tag. it retails at £60. but if i'll be able to use it for the next two years, it will just come out like spending £30 a year which isn't bad. i'm really going to have a go at making ava's food from scratch as i wasn't able to breasfeed her for long, i feel like i have to compensate somewhere and i think this is it, making healthy and fresh food for her every single day.
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