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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

sunday lunch out

went to have lunch at Giraffe in MK shopping mall after sunday mass. we haven't tried this restaurant and have been really curious as to what's on offer here. but first...ava had to have her lunch first and couldn't wait anymore, so we had to make a stop at one of the benches for her to have her feed...this is my order of hot malaysian noodles. i'm not quite sold out about this. it was a bit sweet and i hate sweetness in something that is supposed to be savoury.sonny's order of fish and chips with mashed peas on the side. this one, i looove. way better than all the fish and chips that i've tasted before. i wished i ordered this one instead of that noodles.sonny didn't want dessert so it was just me who still had space in my tummy. i ordered their waffle with roasted banana and vanilla ice cream on top. it was very yummy. i really liked it. the waffle was crunchy and the roasted banana was so tasty. yum yum.
 and they still serve coke in old fashioned bottles.nice. though i don't think i would want to go back there.
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