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Monday, 2 March 2009

mommy's favorites

being a mommy you only want what's best for your baby. now that i'm in the third month of being a new mom to ava, i already have my favorite stuff that i love using when it comes to's a list of my favorites so far.
  • silver cross 3D pram system - no regrets in getting this one. maybe a bit expensive compared to other brands but it's worth it. it is sturdy and easy to maneuver and we can use it until ava is already a toddler because the pram converts into a stroller. we always get compliments every time we are out with it. and with silver cross, you can never go wrong.
  • pampers baby dry diapers -  no wonder it's very popular. i just found out lately how wonderful this is. being practical as we are, we think there's no point using big name brands as long as it does the job and half the price compared to leading brands. so we've decided to use supermarket brand nappies like asda, tesco and sainsbury's. at first, it was ok. but as she grew older and have started urinating a lot especially at night, there's always a leak somewhere. when i pick her up at dawn for her feed, she's always wet in the waist area. so we've decided to try huggies and pampers. with huggies she still leaks but with pampers, it's wonderful. i don't have to change her at dawn after her feed and when i change the nappy in the morning, it's full and heavy but her bottom is still thumbs up for pampers.
  • johnson's and johnson's wipes - this is a no brainer. this brand has been around for decades. i've tried huggies and pampers wipes (samples given during our hospital stay) and they were okay but when i tried johnson's and johnson's(bought it because it was on BOGOF promo), i loooved it. it's very nice on my baby's skin. it just glides and also nice smelling too. most times, i still use cotton ball with warm water to wipe her bottom. it's gentler to her skin. i only use the odd wipes when we are out and about.

avent feeding bottles - i always see a lot of moms around using avent bottles but i should have known, they were using it for a reason and not just because of the name. so i bought tommy tippee bottles and when i started giving ava formula that's when i realized that it's not really good. especially the teat that was apparently designed to  mimic the mom's breast. actually,  it's no good. the tip of the teat seems to get sucked into the bottle when ava is feeding and i have to stop feeding her and take the teat out so the tip will come out again. so we bought avent bottles and i've never been happier.
sudocrem - really keeps nappy rash at bay.enough said.
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