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Monday, 14 March 2016

Five Faves

It has been awhile since I posted my last five favourites. Life got in the way and I haven't been very consistent with my posts. Without further adieu, here are my latest favourites.

1.Dyptique candle in Baies - Dyptique is the world's favourite candle and their Baies scent in particular has a cult following.  My first Dyptique was a gift from a friend (Mimosa scent) and I have to say, once you go luxe as far candles are concerned, you never go back. I used it sparingly so it lasted me forever. I burned it for the last time by the end of last year and decided to get a new one as a Christmas present for myself. Selfridges was having an online sale that time so I actually grabbed a bargain. I was tempted to get the Mimosa scent again which I love but at the last minute chose Baies as I was quite curious of its cult following. When I first lighted it, I knew why. It's scent is so heavenly like a bouquet of roses scented with blackcurrant leaves, exactly how the people at Dyptique describes it.

2. Beehive vase - my newfound love of flowers has a consequence, a newfound love of vases. I found this unusual one whilst browsing at The Range, a home store here in the UK. I love that the white and gold compliments any flower I place in it.

3. Clinique Color Pop Lipstick - I love my lipstick and nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of opening a new one. This particular new lipstick of mine is from Clinique. The reason I love this is the fact that it is very hydrating and very pigmented that even their nude ones (I've never been fan of nude) really pops on the lips. Exactly how the name suggests.

4.Statement Cushions - I have been meaning to get rid of my cushions as I have had them since we moved in the house, about 10 years! Cringe. I am drawn lately to cushions that has quotes and characters on them and I have been loving the alphabet cushions from Next. Very inexpensive but good quality.

5. Kate Spade watch - My sister in law introduced me to Kate Spade and since then I have been a fan. I particularly love their handbags and now their watches. This particular simple silver watch has that spade logo in pink, a flair Kate Spade is known for.

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