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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Handbag Crush

This morning in church, I saw someone carrying a Louie Vuitton bag and I laughed to myself. There is something about LV handbags nowadays that make me cringe. I used to want one ages ago, when it used to be still uncommon, when you only see them in the arms of celebrities and high society but these days, you see them in every Mary, Jane and Susie. It has become a status symbol for women and I do not really want to own a handbag just to prove my status to people. I want to own a certain handbag because I want it, for the quality and beauty of it. I have seen authentic LV's up close in boutiques and they are not really what they are cracked up to be. 

I believe every woman deserves to own a designer handbag at some point in her life. I have come to a point where I do not buy cheap handbags anymore which I would only use a few times and forget about. I find it is false economy. Of late, I have been buying Longchamps and Cath Kidstons. These are I believe mid range priced handbags and I really get a lot of mileage from them because they are of good quality and I can carry them to battle if I may say and would not worry as they do not scratch easily especially Longchamp's Le Pliage and Cath Kidston's oil cloth ones as they are wipe clean. 

I have been wanting that one special designer handbag though which I can use over and over again, season after season. Something classic that my little girl will be able to use when she is older and most especially, something that is definitely not mainstream.

My two contenders are Mulberry and Marc Jacobs.

I remember going inside one of Mulberry's boutiques and the smell of leather was just heavenly. You do not get that in any Louie Vuitton shops. The nice thing about Mulberry handbags is aside from having good quality leather is that they are not made in a sweat shop somewhere in Asia. They are hand made here in the UK.

I have been crushing on these Mulberry bags for a long time.

I love that they don't scream "designer handbag" when people see them.

I know Marc Jacobs is the creative director of Louie Vuitton but his handbags are way too different from any of Louie Vuitton handbag out there. I love how he was able to separate Louie Vuitton and his very own Marc Jacobs brand of handbags.

Here are my favorites from his line.


I am taking my time to decide, besides I am still saving for it. I guess my big birthday is the best time for me to splurge which is not too long now.

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