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Monday, 11 February 2013

Eye Makeup

I am a late bloomer. A late bloomer on just about anything. I did not wear makeup, lipstick at that, until I was already in my twenties and was working. I learned to wear proper makeup, with foundation, blush and all in my early thirties and now that I am in my late thirties (uh-oh, revealing my age there) I am starting to really go for eye makeup. I did not used to like eye makeup as it can be so fiddly but looking at my photos where I wear some, it just defines my eyes and looks really nice. So I have decided to start learning. The other day, I got myself a basice eye makeup from Benefit, the big beautiful eyes palette.


And here is the tutorial

And my go to for makeup tutorial - Michelle Phan on YouTube.

I cannot wait to try and learn. I guess I am growing up after all.

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