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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Do It Yourself Colored Lip Balm

I have been on the look out for colored lip balm since I can remember. It is handy when you do not have time to put on lipstick on top of your clear lip balm. I have been eyeing Burt's Bees one but it is so difficult to find. It seems like it is always out of stock. 

Then I saw this on You Tube.

I thought this was brilliant as I would be able to customize it to my favorite lip color. So I did not waste time. I got my favorite lip balm and one of my favorite lipsticks from Body Shop. Shaved equal amounts of each (you can use vaseline if you do not have a lip balm in mind), placed them on the spoon and put it over a candle. I then poured it into an empty lip balm container and voila, my very own bespoke colored lip balm.


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