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Sunday, 14 October 2012


                     I grew up having our birthdays, my brothers and mine, always celebrated. Whether it is a small or big celebration, my parents always had something planned especially when we were kids. Almost always, it was a kiddie party usually after dinner where bedtime snacks were served and the guest were mostly our cousins. There were always balloons and candle blowing.

That early memory makes me look back to my childhood with fondness. As a child, it is the little things that counts.

With that in mind, I always make sure there is always something planned for my little girl's birthdays. She might not remember a lot of it but just like me, some of it will be etched in her memory and will warm her heart every time she is reminded of it. Besides, I have photos to show her.

Way before she was born, I was already planning her First birthday party. But before that, let me talk about her Christening and after party.

The invites were little booklets with  five pages of photos and captions.

 The giveaways were personalized alarm clocks in different colors.

 The candles  for the ceremony were personalized, too!

And what is an after party without food?

We had a lunch buffet and these were the Bespoke Cake and cupcakes.

And of course, the chocolate fountain.

I found that when it comes to creating beautiful parties, it is all about the details.

In the next post, I will write about the First Birthday Party.
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