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Friday, 2 March 2012

The Princess Bed

It has been the topic of talk for the little girl for the last 3 days. She said, she now wants a princess bed in her playroom. She was like "mommy, there is a space in my playroom for a princess bed. Can you get one for me so I don't have to sleep in your bed?" and I was like, where did that come from? Oh well, my baby is growing up and she now wants her own space. Sad but exciting.

I have been surfing the net for that, a princess bed. Apparently, it has to be pink according to the 3 year old. I have shown to her the photos and most of them were a big NO. Some were tacky and some were classy. I was just so glad that she is like me, she likes the classic princess bed and not the typical ones that is all over the place. Here are the choices I have shown her.

I thought this will give her the wow facto but it didn't.

It's not like I can afford it.

And not this one. She said she doesn't want a car bed.haha.

The reaction to this was "Uhmmm, NO!"

I was hoping she wouldn't say yes to this because this just screams tacky.

Another big NO.

We both wanted this but our old bed which is now in the guest room has steel frame and in the cold weather, the moment my hand brushes the headboard, it is really cold. So despite the classy look of this, it's a no.
We both agreed on this and hopefully we find one like this that is within our budget as things aimed at kids are just ridiculously priced.

And this princess bedroom I so love...

All photos via the web.
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