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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jamie's Italian

I was not expecting fine dining quality but I thought the food would have been at least something that is out of the ordinary. I was expecting the experience would have been different from just going to any high street restaurants considering that it is a little bit on the pricey side. If I remember it right, the last time we spent that much was in a fine dining French restaurant. That was a few years back though.

The children's menu is all in this Viewfinder. It brought back memories as I used to have one of these as a child. I think this is so original and distracts the kids from boredom while waiting for the food.

We had Crispy Squid  and Truffled Fries for starters.

The Crispy Squid was good but I could have had something as good as this in La Tasca, if not better.

There wasn't anything special with the Truffled Fries and there should have been as truffles are like gold when it comes to cooking.

please bear with the picture quality. it was dark and Sonny is just getting to grips with using his dslr.

My mains was Shrimp Linguine. Tasty enough but not much different from the lovely pasta I could have had in Ask Italian.

Sonny's Seafood Risotto was the real disappointment. It was watery and tastes fishy in the real sense of the word. There were bones everywhere.

I won't even start on our dessert which was Tiramisu. It tastes just like something taken out of Sainsbury's dessert section. If  you want good Tiramisu, you will find it at Adesso's Italian in Dunstable. Otherwise, go to this trattoria beside the Colloseum in Rome where the mister and I had the most amazing Tiramisu ever.

Maybe I was just expecting too much knowing that it is from a Michelin Star Chef or maybe the food was really not that great. 
I would probably go back if only for the service because when it came to the food, I could get it anywhere else. I would go to Carluccio's anytime.

Very child friendly though.

Jamie's Italian, Milton Keynes
3-5 Silbury Arcade
Milton Keynes

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