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Friday, 25 November 2011

Of Clutches and Small Bags

There was a time when big bags were the fad. The bigger the better . I liked it at the time  because it seemed practical especially if you are the type who likes to bring the kitchen sink with you. As a mommy, it was very handy especially when I can get away with not bringing a diaper bag during the time when my baby was not such a little baby anymore, when all I need to bring were a couple of diapers, a pack of wipes, change of clothes and probably, a sippy cup and some snacks.

Now that my little daughter is not a baby anymore, I thought of going back to small bags especially crossbody ones as I have to do a lot of bending and squatting down to her level when talking to her. I was so glad that small bags, crossbody bags along with clutches dominated the catwalks and the streets of Milan, New York and Paris during Fashion Week. So it's probably goodbye for big bags, for now.

I have been using my small bag with gold chain straps ala Chanel and I have noticed it has been proliferating all over the place. Good choice on my part though I really do not like wearing and carrying the same bag or dress as the person next to me. 

And clutches...

Clutches that doubles as handbags. You might want to take the straps out first.

I haven't bought myself a birthday treat. Now I know what to get.

All images courtesy of and the daily mail.
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