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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Birthday Wish List

I like making lists. Whether it's a shopping list or to do list.. I love the feeling once all the boxes next to each one on the list are checked. But with Birthday and Christmas Wish Lists, that seldom happens.

Now that my birthday is approaching, I have again created a wish list. The items on my wish list could be bought my myself or given as gifts from generous people I know like my husband (*wink*). I might buy one or two as I have a habit of giving myself Christmas and Birthday gifts. I mean, who else is going to spoil me but myself.

Presenting, My Birthday Wish List:

  1. I love scented candles. Unlike most people, I don't buy them for display. I actually use them. Once they are all lighted, the house just smells heavenly. I used to buy them from Ikea but somehow, the quality has waned over the years. The last time I bought scented candles there, there was not much scent coming from it unlike before. They used to be really fragrant and at £1 each, they were really good value.Then I moved on to Glade and fell in love with the Spiced Apple scent. But the one that I have been keeping my eye on and nose (lol) is the Yankee brand. The jar packaging will look nice in any dinner table. They are just so expensive though. The most expensive scented candle that I bought was £10 but it was a massive one with 3 wicks on it. It probably lasted me a year or so and the scent was great. The large one of the Yankee candles costs £15 and it's not the largest in the real sense of the word. So if I get one for my birthday, I would be a happy bunny.

   2. I find it difficult to bend down to my little girl's level with a shoulder bag and I find that crossbody bags 
       are so much better. I love Mar Jacobs' range of crossbody bags. Not too big but not too small enough to 
      put in stage mommy essentials. A must for my wish list.

  3.  A new lipstick. MAC glaze lipstick in Hot Tahiti shade to be exact.

   4.  Another Mac but this time it is a coat not a lipstick. With the Autumn weather, it can be too cold just by 
        wearing a cardigan but then can be too hot by wearing a winter coat. I need something that is in 
        between so a mac coat is the answer.

The ultimate mac coat would be a Burberry worn here by the Duchess of Cambridge but then at £1,000 that would be too much to ask.

    5. Zumba, the complete DVD set. I have been trying to lose the last 4 lbs to go back to my pre-pregnancy       weight and it's so stubborn I think I really need exercise this time and Zumba would be the best because aside from the fact that I love the dance moves, it apparently makes you burn 400-500 calories an hour.
 6.  India Hicks fragrance from Crabtree and Evelyn called Spider Lily. This scent is divine and everytime I 
         pass by a Crabtree and Evelyn shop I have to stop by and smell it. I like wearing not very known 
         scents rather than designer perfumes. No one wants to smell like everybody else. So way before my 
         birthday, I already bought myself a bottle.

India Hicks by the way is 521st in line to the British Throne. Goddaughter of Prince Charles and one of  Princess Diana's bridesmaids.

image from the daily mail
This is her now. She used to be a model, now an enterpreneur and published author.

There, my Birthday Wish List and a little bit of trivia.
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