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Monday, 13 December 2010

What Christmas Is All About

I was surprised to see a nativity scene when we went to MK shopping mall last weekend. i mean, i don't usually see this during Christmas here in the UK since there are a lot of different religions around so it's best that they stay politically correct. but then, this is what Christmas is all about, the birth of Jesus, thus the "Christ" in Christmas.

Here, it's more commercialized. don't get me wrong, the spirit of giving (gift) is very much around but then it's  more about the christmas trees and tinsels and the snowmen and santa clauses. back home it's more about the midnight masses and the getting together and i'm talking about big ones like clan gatherings from grandparents,aunts,uncles,cousins. first degree, second degree, third degree cousins.your grandparents' cousins, your  parents' cousins. i could go on and on. it's mostly about celebration of Christ's birth and celebration of family and friendships. That's why people could go up to 5-10 christmas parties during the season.

the number of people here is just the tip of the iceberg.circa 1996?

circa 2009
Nobody dreads Christmas back home. Everybody loves Christmas and this is what i want Ava to grow up to. I want her to experience the wonderful christmasses i had, surrounded by loads of family where everyone is outside being merry and not inside tucked under the duvet.

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